i sell tengu howard and tengu howard accessories

i made a bill pixel for my blog

feel free to use i guess its not much and hes a bit big
credit if used ofc haha

i couldnt draw bipper so i went for the next best thing
hopefully ill be able to draw him today

therightphoenix: Hey I was the Foxy from Glasgow MCM Comic Con! Thanks for saying hi and asking for the pic!

aiight! ill add you to the post the now!
np yo!

ymcgay: I was the Tina and my sister was Louise in your mcm glasgow photoset ah!! I look so awkward in the picture i'm so sorry oh my god I didn't expect anyone to want a photo and I panicked but hi anyway!!

omg no its fine and perfectly ic tbH lmao 
its all good yo!


if yall love yourself pls watch randy cunningham 9th grade ninja

emophasekomaeda: Hey!! I was the Chiaki Nanami cosplayer, and my friend monobearslaugh was Tsumiki Mikan! uwu

aaah alright!
added you two!!
you were both great!

missminilog: Yo! I was the wolf fursuiter with the Flash t-shirt and blue hoodie. Tag me! ^_^

aaah ofc!!
you were so cute yo!!

if yall love yourself pls watch randy cunningham 9th grade ninja

thunder-dzumaki: Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I was the blue wolf with the orange around the green eye at the Glasgow mcm expo yesterday.

ooh aiight!!
ill credit you the now
your suit was so cute gb„„

Bruce RWBY cosplayers!
Ruby Rose - little-red-riding-dork

Inbox me for credit